Social Finance is looking for interns!

We have had great success with our internship programmes over the past few years, with four of our current staff (myself included) recruited this way. I was really grateful for the opportunity it gave me to dip my toes into all things social finance, and the experience would have still been incredibly valuable had a job not come out of it. Plus, the fact that it was a paid position made it feel like I was a valued member of the team rather than just an opportunity to take free labour from an eager graduate.

I wanted to flag up the opportunities we have just advertised. We have capacity for up to three interns to join us over the summer for a period of 2-3 months. We do not guarantee a job at the end but if a permanent position should arise, we would encourage you to apply.

We will be recruiting for interns to work on the following types of project alongside an Associate or Analyst:

  • Social Impact Bond (SIB) Development:  We are currently developing new SIBs in areas such as employment and drug rehabilitation. Interns will be expected to carry out research on these social problems, evaluate successful interventions and assess the feasibility of the potential application.
  • Development Impact Bond (DIB) Development: DIBs seek to provide new sources of financing from private investors to improve social outcomes in poor countries. We are investigating applying the DIB model to issues such as family planning and sleeping sickness. Interns will assist in analysing social interventions, defining target(s), and developing potential payment metrics.
  • Product Development: analysis and research to help us create new social investment products such as a Venture Capital Trust (VCT) that will invest in promising social enterprises.

A full description and details of how to apply can be downloaded here, but please share this opportunity with anyone you think suitable. Good luck!

By Sarah Henderson, Communications Analyst at Social Finance

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