Social Finance was set up in 2007 to help build a social investment market in the UK. Social Finance brings together individuals with substantial expertise in finance, strategy consultancy and the social sector to drive innovative, sustainable and scalable investment propositions. Social Finance provides a range of financial advisory services to help build the social investment market. We are dedicated to finding ways to raise capital through robust investment propositions. We are committed to driving financial innovation in the sector by designing investment products that deliver measurable social and financial return. We also have a broad range of research and advisory capabilities with which to enhance understanding and engagement with the social investor market.

Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) are a form of outcomes-based contract in which public sector commissioners commit to pay for significant improvement in social outcomes (such as a reduction in offending rates, or in the number of people being admitted to hospital) for a defined population. Social Finance launched the first SIB in September 2010, called the One* SIB, in the Criminal Justice sector. Social Finance now wants to support the development of a market for Social Impact Bonds. This will involve structuring a series of Social Impact Bonds to develop a successful track record, attract a broader range of socially-motivated funders and open the market to private individuals.


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